About Antique Olive Trees:

Emiliano Ramirez, Antique Olive Trees

Emiliano Ramirez has 25 years of olive orchard experience in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and San Francico relocations, design, planting, and olive tree maintenance. Our olive trees are grown at our five farms in Sonoma Valley, Vacaville, Merced, Fresno, and Corning, California. We are based in Sonoma but deliver anywhere in the United States! Along with delivery, we also do installations. We offer wholesale trees to developers as well as wholesale prices to individuals.


How To Buy Trees:

Please call or text us at (530) 863-0009 to get a free quote with photos of available trees. Prices can vary and can require a site visit for accurate quote. Our price list is based on specs / scale size of the olive trees. (530) 863-0009.

Mature Fruitless & Fruiting Olive Trees For Sale
Based in Sonoma Valley, California

Please call or text (530) 863-0009 for a free quote.

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